Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it green? #1

I am starting a new series called is it green. Anyone can post this in this series. Just title it..."is it green? #_"

I am curious what you think about Amazon Prime. We are doing a trial month and I have ordered a couple things. It has been great to think "I need this" get on and buy it and get it a couple days later. A little dangerous if you are a compulsive shopper I think though. But not too dangerous when you aren't buying anything new so you are just getting things like office supplies. Jeff signed up so he could get free shipping on the next level of Hooked on Phonics for Simon (educational supplies are an exception for me). I ordered book tape...special tape for repairing my kids books. So, convenient, yes, but is it green? I UPS truck drove to my house just to bring me a roll of tape. That tape was in a cardboard box with packing supplies. All this for a roll of tape. What do you think? Is it green?

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I have to vote 'no'. I don't know that it's wrong or frivolous but I doubt it's green. Although, the argument could be made that the gas and packaging it took to get to your house is no more than the gas and packaging it took to get it to your local Staples. Which then you would have to drive to. That's a good question.