Monday, January 17, 2011

LuAnn and Jeff's exceptions

I am giving myself $25 a month in mad money. This will either be a cushion for my craft budget or for a purchase of something new that is really important to me. It can be rolled over from month to month.

Jeff's exception is cycling clothes since it is for fitness and transportation. And if he really needs some new clothes for work he can get them on the Gap friends and family weekend.


Addendum: Educational materials for our kids are an exception. 2/23/2011
Addendum #2: Anytime buying something new will end up saving me money down the road without having a significant impact on the environment it is exempt. 3/4/2011
Addendum #3: Okay, so 2nd hand clothing shopping isn't working out for me and I don't have enough time to sew everything so I'll stick to sewing household items and clothes for the kids, but I am exempting clothes for Jeff and I from the Nothing New challenge. However, I am going only go shopping 4 times a year and buy one complete outfit right down to shoes and accessories. In between is on an absolute needs only basis...very basic stuff including t-shirts and basic shoes.

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