Monday, January 24, 2011

What to Do During 'Nothing New'

We've almost made it a full month, only 11 more to go! Like we discussed, below is a brainstorm list of monthly themes, projects, or meet-up activities. Add as you like!
  1. Bulk Up: Stock up on gifts for those last-minute baby showers, birthdays, etc. by holding marathon bulk crafting sessions.
  2. On the Mend: Mend all those shirts missing buttons, pants made for long legs, moth holes, etc. before the warm weather comes!
  3. Jewelry Fix-It-Or-Toss-It: Fix that broken jewelry you never wear because it's broken or toss it!
  4. 72-Hour Kit/Food Storage: Are you prepared?
  5. Can Your Heart Out: Learn (in my case) how to can and buy fruit/veggies in season and can 'em!
  6. Stuff Swap
  7. CSA Try Out: Give your local farmer a try by getting weekly deliveries of seasonal foods (depending on cost-effectiveness)
  8. "What Not to Wear": Bring those thrift impulse buys/odds and ends for a group opinion on how to fix it or reuse it.

1 comment:

  1. I love these! I think we should do #2 in February. Since it is spending fast month and we aren't going to be buying stuff. Perhaps we could do 2 along with it???